45 Dreams 12/18


I dream we have a wood burner and everyone is getting something for the fire in a kind of ritualistic way – my son (15) hands me a effigy of Trump that he made for the fire – a babygro stuffed with something, a cloth head added with orange felt tip hair, and a crome bar as a post to give it a backbone. I am ambivalent about burning it, its a well made model, and the crome won’t burn and the materials its made with might be toxic. However using it as an effigy to stick pins in will probably bring bad karma.


In one, Trump had made it illegal for Americans to leave the U.S. and I had to trade sexual favors to get a fake foreign passport.

In another, I was being forced to marry Paul Ryan. (Not a Trump dream directly, but closely related, and I had it right around the time of the inauguration.) I was disgusted at the idea of being tied to him, and I knew that he was using this as a means of controlling me/silencing me – but I was also sort of turned on by how dominating and disdainful he was being. Woke up very embarrassed.

Last one: I dreamed that a drunk driver killed Trump by ramming him with his car and knocking him off a kind of parapet. I was a bartender in the dream, and had kicked the drunk driver out of my bar because he was behaving belligerently toward the other customers. This made me feel responsible for Trump’s death, and the dream ended with me leaving town in an attempt to evade the FBI, who I assumed were coming for me.


As a U.S. Army veteran, I had to participate in a couple of Memorial Day Parades. I dreamed that Trump got his military parade, but it was a huge number of of light infantry units that immediately stormed all government buildings and arrested all management employees after the parade.


Watched a muslim mother and her son be interviewed by a border agent. She wore two hijabs but took off only one. The woman was well spoken and pleasant, she had a warm air about her. At the end of the interview her son took out handy wipes and cleaned the seat his mother sat in(I knew this had an impact on the final decision). The border agent smiled and said they passed the interview. Then I am watch a recording on my iPhone: the woman says she won’t criticize Trump because she lives in America and he’s her president now.