45 Dreams 12/20/17


I dreamt Trump was pregnant. This was some months ago but clearly after the 2016 election.


I had a dream I was walking down a typical hotel hallway to my room. I walked past the conference room, glanced in because the door was open, and saw Pres. Trump chatting with a few people. I just kept walking. I soon realized he was behind me. When I got to the room, he started chatting with me, asking me if I was there alone, trying to get in to my room. I told him I was not interested, and slipped inside my room ASAP.


I don’t like Trump but I had a dream that I was critiquing him and his actions from a place of deep empathy and lo and behold he was actually listening and taking it on board! Not what I would have expected.


Have you had a dream of our current president? Leave an (unpublished) comment below. All identifying information will be removed from dreams before posting.

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