Dreams of 45

Gathering, organizing, archiving – and eventually writing about – our collective dreams of the current sitting president – in order to see what themes emerge among us:

What guidance does the psyche offer?

How does the individual and collective unconscious respond to the strain of this moment in history?

Let’s listen:

  • He was walking north up Fifth Avenue with a sub-machine gun, shooting everyone. Rocking a Davy Crockett fur hat…


  • I’ve had several Trump dreams that range from punching him in the face to getting sexually accosted.


  • I also had a dream about Hillary the night of the election. I was holding her on my knees & hugging her while crying. I don’t know if that was the result of my surgery meds


  • After the debate where he creeped up on Hillary, I dreamed he was trying to find me to do me harm.


  • My friend, who is a very logical thinker and not dramatic (who also doesn’t often share his emotions/fears), told me he woke up in the middle of the night to thunder, but his first, very real thought was, “Trump did it. We are at war.” Life in America, 2017.


  • Dreamed I was watching my buddy Keanu Reeves fronting a band in a small venue, when Donald and Melania arrived, and had shitty seats. He seemed kind of sad, and I felt almost guilty for not liking him. Donald kept dropping my name – which I hadn’t told him- both to impress Keanu and to let me know I was being surveilled. I didn’t care and decided that I would not be controlled by that.

Comments open.

(All dreams in published at this blog and in the final project will be stripped of identifying information.)

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