45 Dreams: 12/15/17


  • I dreamt he actually pushed the button and started a nuclear war. Fortunately it’s the only dream about him I’ve had.

  • Oddly, I had a series of dreams of 45 in the months following the inauguration. In all of them, he was a perfect gentleman, and seemed quite nice. On waking, I would feel very disconcerted. I have wondered if this is my psyche helping me to neutralize the strong antipathy I feel while awake. I have a core belief that hating something or someone only gives them power. I also do not believe anyone is “pure evil,” as they say on the crime shows. I do think that any of our bodies can host a rampant virus, or even our own cells can turn against us as cancer. At least, that’s the only way I can begin to comprehend the Stephen Paddocks of the world. I suspect that my dreams were the effort of my subconscious to remind me that 45 was once a scared little boy before he turned to bullying as a way to reassure himself.

  • I don’t know if this counts…Since Sept 2016, I’ve had a recurring/continuing dream that Pete Rose won the 2016 election. At first, the dreams seemed funny, but I think it was my brain cluing me into the very real possibility that DJT could win.

  • I had several where he came for advice

  • I was comforting him, calming/talking him down, petting him. I was shocked, had to shake it off when I woke

  • Sadly, I DID have a Trump dream. I had a dream I was him. But I was trying to keep my hands to myself, but couldn’t. Like I couldn’t prevent myself from groping women in my immediate area. What’s that mean?

  • Donald Trump was my father. And I was his pet like Ivanka, and I wanted his approval. He was taking me somewhere on air force one. Like he was bestowing favors upon me.

  • I dreamed my mother was getting married to him. And he came on to me prior to the wedding. It was a very ‘real” dream. Took me a full two days to pull myself out of the funk it put me in.

  • I don’t often record my dreams but I wrote this one down on 12/10:  I was working in the White House, and DT used some excuse to reach between my legs to get a piece of paper in the shelf behind me. I glared at him and told him he could ask me to move next time. Afterwards I ran crying to HRC and she comforted me. Through tears I asked her why people didn’t know the difference between an awful person and a good one. After that we were both  in a boat watching a factory-type building fall over into the river.

  • How interesting: the day after you put out your request for Trump dreams, I had a dream about YOU & Donald Trump.You had sent out a mailing, some political appeal or an effort to raise funds for your business or cause. In your ask, you had listed the outrageous expenses of your organization—as part of your appeal to sanity (& for needed money). Specifically, you noted in a bullet point that a stapler cost $22M. In this dream fragment, I remember that your mailing came back, with that figure circled in red, & a note: “$22M for a stapler? That’s too much. Not possible! -DT” (There was some explanation too of the algorithm proving that you had to be making it up.)So that note, overlaid on your own letter was signed by Trump—his initials. Somehow your mailer had been turned into another mailer, because the fake script writing over your own letter was mass-produced—printed onto it.You were outraged, you said: “You see this!? I will not have Donald Trump going through my mail!!”

  • Dream date – Monday 18th September 2017  “I attend an American rodeo show. During the interval Trump walks over to the middle of the stadium to address the audience. A beautiful chestnut mare with a single white star on her forehead breaks loose and races over to him. With her teeth she rips off Donald’s blonde wig and then carries it around the stadium, in her mouth, like a trophy.  Trump, at once, covers his head in shame and instructs his security men to get the hairpiece back, only they can’t catch the horse as she moves in a way they don’t understand. The audience are shocked. Many (including myself) begin to laugh nervously at first, then with more gusto. We can’t figure out whether this is part of the show or not. Trump knows there will be no comeback from this. He’s finished for good and is now a laughing stockThe entire dream took place in the stadium, which was a large circle. And aside from being an audience member, I took no other part in this dream.”

  • In a longtime recurring dream of my father forcing my own feces down my throat, Himself has replaced my father. (Mornings are fun.)

  • I had this dream about two weeks after the election: There is a long brightly colored piece of fabric hanging from the window of a skyscraper. It looks like a combination of flags from many countries. Near the bottom of the fabric is Donald Trump, who is using it to swing between the buildings. It is fun for him – a game. I am holding on for dear life near the window. When he gets tired of the game, a helicopter appears and whisks him away to safety. I am left to fend for myself.

  • I dreamed I was at some social event with him, and he might have been my father, or maybe he was an official escort for the evening? He was strangely needy, I felt strongly that he wanted me to like him, and was also angry that I wouldn’t approve of him. I felt both sorry for him, in his vulnerability, and also aware that he was capable of great tantrums.

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