45 Dreams: 12/22/17

A high school friend (male) was back in my life (I have literally not seen him or remembered him for years–which made it strange.. .I can’t remember his name, but remember his face). He was forced to resign from a job he loved to take on an electrician job which he never trained for. He told me that he had to do this under the new government. In my dream I remember feeling that was really normal and shrugging it off.
In the background was the image of Trump on a TV, but no sound…just his pursed lips and angry face. The outline of the TV was red (not like a black framed TV).
It was strange and felt so disconnected when I woke up.
My dream was less about the president and more on the Vice President. It was just before he announced that he was running with Donald Trump. The dream consisted of him standing there with black holes for eyes and a gaping maw where his mouth was meant to be. It was horrifying. I felt like he was coming for me.
I dreamed I was DTs secretary in the oval office.  He had sex with me and I actually enjoyed it but was conflicted thinking that this was insane.  I’m 76.  weird, eh?
9-19-17 was the only time I’ve dreamt about Donald Trump. I dreamt I was in a public place with Donald and Hilary Clinton and we were debating things (not sure what) and when I disagreed with him I was suddenly cut off and not allowed to debate anymore.
I had a dream that the community I lived in was poverty stricken, it was a Dickenson scene. There was a hopeful feeling and everyone was lined up. Apparently Donald Trump was kind and caring. He was handing out food himself on this day. When I got to the front of the line he handed me two grocery bags stuffed full with cold jo-jos.
That’s what everyone was eating. That was all there was to eat. He was bragging about his philanthropy.

Have you had a dream of our current president? Leave an (unpublished) comment below. All identifying information will be removed from dreams before posting.

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