45 Dreams: 1/4/18



Every time Trump appeared to speak, he was bound by comically huge chains. It reminded me of something out of the LEGO movie.


The US had turned into the days of the red scare. Except all our social justice warriors and civil rights activists were being imprisoned and killed. Everyone was turning on each other, and in my case, even my own family members were killing my most beloved social servants. I had the sense this was all because of Trump’s administration.


I woke up at 3am the morning after the election and checked my phone, thinking that the election result I had gone to bed on must have been a mistake. But there it was, the election win had gone unthinkably to Trump. After some time I went back to sleep and had a dream that I was sitting as a passenger in a car on a huge freeway of at least eight lanes. We were all stopped. All of a sudden, the white SUV in front of us started backing up right into us, I couldn’t understand what was happening. Our car twisted sideways and I could see that all the cars ahead of us were being pushed backwards into each other. I realized that something I couldn’t see was pushing all of us, all the cars, on all the lanes, backwards.


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