45 Dreams 1/21/18



I was at dinner with my sister at a strangely fancy and suspiciously empty house. Suddenly, I look up and Donald Trump is sitting across from me, smugly seated with my sister sitting in his lap. She looks petrified. I stand up, shouting “SHAME ON YOU,” punch the 45th President of the United States in the face, take my sister by the hand, and flee the scene.



from 2/18/17:  My husband of 42 years (who died in 2008) and I have just gotten married. I wear a long white bridal gown (simple with lace). There are many people celebrating w/ us. I want them to be happy. They drink wine and wait for the banquet. A man I don’t know comes in with a huge flat bowl and a large bottle of champagne. He’s making wedding punch. Everyone stands in a circle holding hands to have a celebratory circle dance. I go to get my husband who is sitting near the edge of the room talking to a close friend and a few other men. He comes with me, but looks upset. The men are talking about politics. My husband is mad about Trump. I grab his hand. “Don’t talk politics w/ your friend,” I say. “This is our wedding.”  He agrees and stands next to me in the circle holding my hand.


In March of 2016 I woke up around 3 am suddenly from a nightmare. I had been ushered into a small room with gold curtains. The room was full of gold statues of Trump. The pedestal was about 4 feet high with a likeness of Trump sitting on a throne about 1 feet high. Suddenly the statue on the left fell over knocking down the rest of the statues one by one. I knew that I didn’t want to touch any of the statues at all and was desperate to get out of the room.


I woke up at 3am the morning after the election and checked my phone, thinking that the election result I had gone to bed on must have been a mistake. But there it was, the election win had gone unthinkably to Trump. After some time I went back to sleep and had a dream that I was sitting as a passenger in a car on a huge freeway of at least eight lanes. We were all stopped. All of a sudden, the white SUV in front of us started backing up right into us, I couldn’t understand what was happening. Our car twisted sideways and I could see that all the cars ahead of us were being pushed backwards into each other. I realized that something I couldn’t see was pushing all of us, all the cars, on all the lanes, backwards.


I was being strapped into a small caspule space, like an astronaut climbing inside a tight pod, and various technicians were checking my safety harnesses and strappings and helmet etc. Lots of reassurances and lots of care.
Then I saw Donald Trump was involved in the team, and he was laughing and going back and forth to a large control panel on the wall. He was excited about pressing THE button.
I was under the impression I was involved in some kind of space exploration programme, then next thing I know the hatches are closed, I’m tight inside the pod looking out through a glass window, and I’m suddenly launched forward at terrifying speed, out into the void. It turns out I’m inside a huge telescopic machine of which my capsule is the centre — I’m in the bit which propels out furthest.
The machine hurls me forward and then coming into view in the distance is THE REAL actual button – the nuclear launch button, and I’m being thrust forward towards it in a bid to have ME press it and blow the world to smithereens instead of him!
Except the machine doesn’t quite reach. It’s just a few metres short.
I’m panicking but relieved as I feel the telescope slowly retracting as I’m pulled back to the air hangar where Donald Trump and team are waiting. They know the machine has failed so they try again…
Again I’m thrust out into the ether… hurtling towards the button… and AGAIN the entire set up falls *just* short.
And so it goes on like this, with me increasingly relieved and laughing as I know it’s never going to get there. I’m the only one who’s been that far out to see the button, and I’m clear it’s not gonna go. It becomes a laughable exercise of relief – but slight tension – as I’m launched out again and again and again…
… and the dream passes.
If you’ve had dreams of the current administration:  please share your dream in the comments – they will be posted after they have been stripped of identifying data.

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