45 Dreams 1/29/18

I went to the White House or it might have been Congress. It was full of unsavory characters. Trump groped, me, then as I left I got followed by a surveillance camera that looked like a shoe. I kicked the camera across the room. When I went back for my car, I found out they had suspended it from the ceiling. Afterwards, the video from the shoe camera had been posted on facebook, and people were commenting to moralize about why I shouldn’t have kicked it.


10/6/2016 (which turned out to be the day before the Access Hollywood tape release/Podesta emails/Clapper conclusion on Russian hacking):
Donald Trump is in a seated position, but he’s rather like a wax figure or is in a trance.  Rising from his crotch or set upon it is a small [stone] statue [an obelisk].  It isn’t biological.  It’s a lingam.  I–but a more impersonal ‘I’–am naked and must face him and take this lingam inside.  It’s not sexual nor is it rape or coercion.  This is what must be done, grimly.
I wake up revolted–and this feeling lingered– and also embarrassed that a dream would hit me over the head with such unsubtle symbolism
Dreamed a new law was put into effect immediately that enabled the GOP to rescind Trump’s nomination if he broke with agreements to the party or to his own staff.  Since this was already true, he was already not a candidate.  Scenes of staff rooms, newsrooms, campaign headquarters with everyone cheering, as after a successful NASA launch or as in the scene in “Ender’s Game” where Ender, thinking he’s been fighting a simulated battle, has actually saved the world.
Dreamed Trump has issued an order that makes most anyone ‘illegal’ and a few brave people have made large ‘wanted’ posters of themselves to carry in protest.  This is incredibly risky.  Any one of us could be prosecuted at any time as the whole population is ‘in violation’.  If everyone made their own ‘wanted’ signs, we’d all be safe, but the risk is so immense that it may only be these 3 people out there, as easy targets.  There is no resolution.
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